Commercial Insurance - Teams

Intended for teams whose business consists of preparing and running race or rally cars.

A team policy can cover:

  • Cars
  • Equipment
  • Tools
  • Spares
  • New parts stock
  • Used parts stock
  • Wheels/tyres
  • Public & Employees liability
  • Road use for road going vehicles

Cover is for:

  • Whilst in the workshop
  • Whilst in transit
    • on a trailer or in a transporter
    • in a paddock or park ferme
    • stored over night during the course of a journey
    • public display
    • temporary storage in another location

The Employers Liability covers team activities including working in the pitlane.

The insured values taken away from the workshop must reflect the true values taken to events.

This is just an outline of some of the covers available. Please contact us for a policy summary or policy wording.